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ITAF - International Teletext Art Festival

Exhibition in collaboration with FixC Cooperative Helsinki and ARD Text

16.08.2012 - 16.09.2012

Rich Oglesby: maxtele

Rich Oglesby: maxtele

"The road begins from here. Teletext is the future." (Janne Suni, 2012)

Teletext, first invented some 30 years ago, utilizes the vertical blanking interval lines that together form the dark band dividing pictures horizontally on the television screen. Technically it has remained almost unchanged until recently when TV became digital. Teletext being an amazing success story still attracts millions of visitors daily for the latest news headlines, weather reports or sports results.

The potential of Teletext as an tool for artistic expression has not yet been fully discovered though the aesthetics of Teletext have slowly creeped in to the most fashionable street ware, graffiti and fine art. Is the next big word in intellectual small talk of the hip, rich and famous going to be teletextualism? Time will show, but since it happens The International Teletext Art Festival gives the possibility to the ARD Text users to decide for themselves.

The International Teletext Art Festival is a FixC cooperative project in collaboration with ARD Text, curated by Juha van Ingen. The works are shown in ARD Text on page 770 and at Pflüger68.

Participating artists: Ashley Anderson, Bym, Frederic Cambus, Max Capacity, Cordula Ditz, Maria Duncker, Dan Farrimond, Kathrin Günter, Francis Hunger, Juha van Ingen, Raquel Meyers, Dave Needham, Rich Oglesby, Seppo Renvall, Janne Suni, Jarkko Räsänen and Kari Yli-Annala.


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